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Calling All Tired, Frustrated, Overwhelmed Business Leaders Yearning to be Free: 

Let's jump on a call and figure out exactly how to make your life easier!

Choose from One-to-One, Team-Based, Self-Directed, or Virtual Group Program options!

One-to-One Coaching
Job Interview
  • Define Your Leadership Style

  • Develop Your Executive Presence

  • Harmonize Work & Life Demands

  • Reduce Stress & Overwhelm

  • Hone Decision-Making Skills

  • Delegate with Confidence

  • Handle Conflict with Ease

  • And MORE...

Team Coaching
Marketing team meeting
  • Build Trust & Communication

  • Create Efficient Work Systems

  • Develop Seamless Accountability

  • Leverage Diversity to Innovate

  • Grow a High-Performing Team

  • Operationalize Core Values

  • Engage & Retain Talent

  • And MORE...

Self-Guided & Groups
Working from Home
  • Discover Your Hidden Energy Leaks with the ELI Assessment!

  • Explore Your Personal Compass
  • Identify Your Success Drivers
  • Reduce Hidden Distractions
  • Join a Fancy Pants Alliance Group
  • New options are always in the works - let's chat to get started!

The Fancy Pants Method Cuts Right to the Chase

No band-aid fixes. No arbitrary formats. No wasted effort on something that doesn't fully suit you. 

Just powerful shifts that lead to powerful results. Period.

Using a blend of proprietary methodologies based in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, energy leadership, and business competencies, together we design a flexible plan in 4 progressive phases to fully accommodate your unique circumstances, goals, strengths, & gaps.


1) Get Crystal Clear on Your Vision and Plan

2) Reduce Stress and Distractions

3) Boost Key Performance Factors

4) Get Kick-Ass Results

(Using Less Effort than EVER!)

Team Meeting

The Fancy Pants Method Commitment

Whether you pursue individual coaching, a team-based approach, or some combination in between, your program will be designed to provide the exact amount of support you need, at the times you need it most.

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