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Frustrated by your Remote Workspace setup,

but unsure of what to do about it?


A Virtual Mini-Workshop:

90-Second Workspace Life-Hacks

To Keep You Fit, Focused, and Motivated for Your Next Critical Task!

Click Here to Chat About Scheduling this Workshop for YOUR Team or Group Today!

Jen Romanowicz, DPT, MBA, PCC

(aka 'Dr. Fancy Pants') will walk you through the basic steps of an ergonomic desk assessment - and share her favorite tips-n-tricks to improve performance in your Remote Workspace!

Get Ready to Learn...

  • 5 Critical Desk Adjustments to prevent strain and discomfort

  • 3 Key Mobility Tips to reduce stress and boost focus

  • PLUS, we'll Boogie through a string of Real-Time:

    • Problem-Solving Sprints,

    • "Ergonomic hacks" and

    • "Bang-for-your-buck" ideas...


...that will set you up for immediate success

(all while keeping it sassy, simple, & fun!)

Buckle up for an action-packed hour of

Professional Curb-Side Opinions

to SAFELY improve productivity!

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