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Are You Tired of Running on Fumes during the Holidays???

It’s the "most wonderful time of the year," but do you ever find that...

…You feel insanely triggered by the simplest things?  (Like when that idiot takes your parking space in the Costco parking lot, causing you to seriously lose your mind?)  

…You work your ass off to make everybody happy, only to end up so exhausted and irritable that you don’t even enjoy being with them?

…You realize that your cheeks are aching from the perma-grin you’ve been wearing as you power through yet another family dinner, where all seven courses come with a side serving of judgment?

...Or, maybe you actually really enjoy the holidays -- but who has time to celebrate, with work and all the other schedule chaos, am I right?

If that's what "The Ghost of Christmas Future" has in store for YOU,

then it’s time to pause and treat yourself to...

The Fancy Pants Method

"Settle Your Snow Globe"
Assessment & Strategy Session!

(It's the "Friends-N-Family" Holiday Special!)

In one magical hour you will...

1. Find out if your attitude belongs on the 'naughty' or 'nice' list.

2. Uncover the hidden triggers that weigh you down and raise your stress levels.

3. Learn at least one simple, yet reliable strategy to help you boost your energy.

4. Discover three (3) everyday words that completely sabotage your motivation

(-- and can even TANK your goals for the New Year and Beyond!)

...It's a Christmas Miracle.

Ready to Settle Your Snow Globe?

How does it work

Like MAGIC... In Four Easy Steps: 

FIRST:  I send you a link to take the Energy Leadership Index assessment (ELI) -- a powerful proprietary 15-minute online assessment (recommended by Forbes as one of the top 3 self-assessments for Leaders, btw...)

NEXT:  Receive a detailed 10-page report outlining your unique profile...

THEN:  We hop on Zoom for a 45-minute debrief session, where I'll walk you through your results -- and show you EXACTLY where you are creating extra stress...

FINALLY:  Enjoy a BONUS "Fancy" Self-Reflection Tool to help you set seriously satisfying goals in the New Year!

So that's:

ONE Assessment, ONE Debrief,

TWO Motivation Strategies, and

ONE powerful BONUS Tool,

all for only...


$128 dollars*

(*Partridge and Pear Tree sold separately.)

...Value?  PRICELESS.

(But it's normally $399...)

So, RUN -- don't walk -- to grab this deal!


Ready to Settle Your Snow Globe?

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