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Reduce Distractions and Stress.  Boost Key Performance Factors. Use Less Effort.  Get Kick-Ass Results.

VIP Attention Every Step of the Way

The key is Systematic Customization

Whether you're looking for one-on-one coaching, a team-based approach, or some combination in-between:  

Your program will be completely tailored to accommodate your unique circumstances, goals, strengths, and gaps.

Drawing from a collection of over 200 explorations and assessments -- rooted in formal and proprietary methods of business leadership, energy management, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience -- together we will build a Flexible Strategy across 4 Phases to fully address what's standing between you and your success.

(In other words:  You won't ever waste your time with an arbitrary format that doesn't fully suit you.)  You'll get the exact support you need, at the times you need it most. 

Young Business Colleagues

Four Phases to Lasting Success

Phase 1


Identify strengths, gaps, values, & ideals, and discover what's getting in the way of your success

Phase 2


Design a customized blueprint to create reliable solutions that work for you -- and stick with you 

Phase 3


Reduce distractions and improve focus to create powerful impacts with MUCH less effort 

Phase 4


Develop a success formula that produces consistent results, in both smooth and stressful times

Energy Management: The Missing Link. 



Most traditional coaching methods focus on creating goals, implementing a plan, and measuring progress. 


But if you want lasting, transformative change, the process needs to go further -- beyond an action plan -- to uncover the hidden factors that drain your energy and sabotage your motivation, too. 


Without that, it's like driving a car with a leaky gas tank: 

your energy eventually sputters out and breaks down, leaving you stranded.  



AND, here's the best part: you'll not only identify your energy leaks --

but you'll learn how to re-program them to work for you rather than against you, too.


You'll be coasting downhill with the top down before you know it! 

The Fancy Pants Method is different.


It uses a multi-faceted energy-action approach to ensure that we completely address the blind spots, triggers, and stress reactions that other coaching approaches miss.  

The Fancy Pants Method blends 20+ years of business and leadership experience, ICF Certified Executive Coaching, and advanced training in Emotional Intelligence, Energy Leadership, Cor.E Performance Dynamics™ -- and MORE!

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